Month: August 2022

Easing the Teasing with Compassion

Were you teased as a child? Heck, it’s not just kids being teased that we’d like to “ease.” Adults are teased – and it can quickly devolve into bullying and violence. Frankly, it is terrible to experience. People need more compassion. But, compassion must be taught.

Naturally, the first place I would personally like to see compassion being taught would be at home, with examples by adults.

I wish that compassion was something that could be taught in schools. Alas, I seriously doubt that’s going to happen in my lifetime.

I personally do my best to show compassion for others. It doesn’t necessarily mean I have to “like” them – sometimes, people just don’t “click” together. But there is ALWAYS a place to extend a helping hand, or an encouraging word. Please consider adding “compassion” to your inventory of personal values. It will enrich your life – and the life of others as well.